Useful Differentiated Instruction Implementation Documents

What does DImean? "It means that teachers proactively plan varied approaches to what students need to learn, how they will learn it, and/or how they will show what they have learned in order to increase the likelihood that each student will learn as much as he or she can, as efficiently as possible." (Tomlinson, 2003).

The webpage DifferentiationCentral is based on and promotes the teachings of the well known DI scholar, Carol Tomlinson.

Annotated Bibliography of Theory and Research Related to Differentiation of Instruction. An extensive bibliography on Differentiated Learning. Compiled by Cindy A. Strickland and Carol Ann Tomlinson.

Differentiation Central, Suggested Resources These resources are definitely worth looking into to learn about DI and improve your DI implementation.

DI Blog, Teacher and research generated discussion groups, user groups, bulletin boards, and other resources relevant to the subject matter.

Pre-Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom, by Catherine M. Brighton, Ph. D. A major aspect of DI is ongoing assessment and here is a good article on that topic.

How to Adapt Your Teaching Strategies to Student Needs An excellent page with many learning strategy suggestions organized by how to to accommodate different learning styles.